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Good Vibes Quantifier, 2012

Good Vibes Quantifier is a game about visualizing positive relationships within a group setting. Each player wears a "uniform", which consists of a shirt and glove that connects to a micro-controller that resides in a pocket in the shirt. The shirt also has LED lights embedded in the front to act as a scale. When players receive a pat on a back or a high five, this contact triggers the button in those respected areas and correlates with the amount of LEDs that light up on the shirt (eg: if you receive 5 of any combo of high fives or pats on the backs, the first light goes on, 10 high fives/pats on backs = 2 lights are on, etc, etc) If no high fives/pat on backs are received within a certain designated time, you will lose a light and so on. Once all the lights are turned on, a speaker (also residing on the shirt) will activate to play a song/sound and this will be a cue for all the participants to celebrate.

Good Vibes Quantifier encourages players to be aware of group dynamics when interacting with others.

Tee shirt, iron on letters, copper fabric, LEDs, Lilypad Arduino, conductive thread, nail polish, wire, spandex