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A collection of various textile pieces that demonstrate work with various techniques and processes.

Bread Bag

Digitally printed fabric bag made from scans of a slice of bread and then sewn together

Mini T shirts (4"x3")

Some Handknit Items (2010 - present)

Thumb Wrestling Mittens

Finger Trap, 2012


Long Tiny Sweater, 2012

Connected Sock 2012

Sock with Socks 2013


Long Tiny Sock 2011

Darned Flag 2012

Spider Sweater 1 2012

Spider Sweater 2 2012

Spider Sweater 3 2012

Unraveling Flag 2010

Hand-Eye Coordination knitting machine pattern

Susan Kare's Apple icons translated into knitting punch cards.

Needle felted circuit made on machine knitted backing.


another hat