EL Panels // Booty Watching

2013-06-13 17.10.49

2013-06-13 17.33.51

So here at ITP I am working on a pair of leggings meant for cycling that have eyes on the butt that will blink depending on where you are turning.  I wanted to work with a EL panels because you can cut into them and make fun shapes! — You just have to seal up the sides with tape (I used clear nail polish) to prevent yourself from getting shocked afterwards.  Above is my before and after with cutting into the panels.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 11.15.37 PM


Part of my research in this project is looking at a lot of butts and thinking about placement of the lights for best visibility.  New York City is a great place for this.

3-D Printed Buttons

photo (14)

Today I used the Replicator 2 which is a 3d printer to make some buttons.

I used this download by mar-x on Thingiverse to make them and played around with scale.

 photo (12)photo (11)

The ones on the right are the ones I printed first at a scale close to the original design.  I scaled up the buttons on the right just to see how that would turn out.  It took a total of 1 hour 4 min to print four buttons at that scale, which did not include another hour of troubleshooting the machine since there was a clog with the filament…

photo (15)

The holes in the center were designed so you can do a 14 segment display!  Above is a quick pouch that I sewed up to see how the display function would work.  🙂

Intro to Soft Circuits Workshop/Wearables Hackathon

2013-06-06 20.41.51


Last Thursday I taught a soft circuits workshop at NYU’s ITP Summer Camp.  It’s a month long program to learn, make and share all things related to technology!  It went swimmingly well for the most part – which is great since it was the first time I’ve taught soft circuits to an group older than 4th grade.   Here is a link to my presentation: http://bit.ly/11hUbem.  Our project for the workshop was a lil LED patch that lights up when you snap it onto a base and it was great to see everybody’s different use of materials.

photo (10)

Here is some sewing being done for a *failed* inflatable bathing suit for the Wearables Hackathon that happened yesterday.  At least I got some pleating sampling done with the nylon!

FutureFab Workshop

2013-05-04 11.28.55

2013-05-04 11.29.12

2013-05-04 14.22.26

A few weekends ago I taught a Futuremakers workshop with Futuremakers in Mt. Airy, MD where we worked with kids ages 7 – 10.  We took apart cranking rechargeable flashlights and used the parts salvaged from it (plus a ton of other materials we brought along) to make something new out of it.  It was incredible to see the type of things people were making, from cars that zipped around the room to the safety hazard man with light up eyes(pictured above).