Salesforce Livefeed

Here’s some documentation of a recent demo.


Here is a lil break down of what’s happening:
The inflation of the building is based on an API that is crawling the web for data related to factors that some economists have speculated as factors that we are in a tech bubble. This includes the stock index of some of the unicorn companies in Silicon valley. Unicorn companies are startups that is valued over $1 billion. The fan is controlled by an Arduino microcontroller via Firmata using Processing.  The API was made using Kimono Labs, which was surprisingly easy to use!

The inflatable building is being recorded live via webcam and fed through another program in Processing that is chromakeying out the orange background (a rain poncho I had on hand) on top of an image from the livefeed that Salesforce has of their building built in San Francisco. So yeah basically you can watch the building grow before your eyes!

See this post if you want to see how the building was made!

Still very much a work in progress, but the system works to some degree!

I’m really interested in the staging and and live capture installation. It’s kind of like a puppet show, where you understand the clashes in reality (like when a puppet represents a human character) but you choose to believe in it to follow the narrative.

Here is a gif of the building rising… not advised viewing for the faint of heart.


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